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The Social NETWORTH:

The Social NETWORTH campaign was created For-and-With Influencers by Outliers TV and JP Reps.  Our idea was to create the perfect 360 degree trifecta campaign that would make the influencers become the perfect brand ambassadors.  This was achieved by:

#1- Photographing the influencer for Gio Journal magazine and elevating their visual brand.  

#2- Interviewing the influencer with specific questions that made them shine as inspirational and innovative marketers.  Having them share how cleverly they do brand integration in their content. 

#3- Creating a comedic skit with the influencer in which they showcased their talent abilities.  

Outliers TV and JP Reps conceived the concept of this campaign and curated all the elements from: influencers,  photographer, creative director, director, videographer, styling, hair and make up.   We also created the perfect media release campaign involving press and the influencers posting the content at the same time.  This created a viral effect in the marketplace.  


To see this project with the full interviews and videos please check out:


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